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What Are DUI Records?

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What Are DUI Records?

Driving a motor vehicle correctly is a difficult enough task to pull off when you have not been drinking. If you throw a little alcohol into the mix, the task of operating an automobile safely becomes all but impossible. A vast number of traffic related fatalities and severe accidents are the result of individuals who chose to drive while under the influence of alcohol or some other impairing substance. All states now have strict laws concerning drunk drivers. The violation of these laws in most states is referred to as a DUI violation, or Driving Under the Influence.

If a police officer witnesses a vehicle driving in a suspicious manner, the law enforcement officer will pull the vehicle over. A field sobriety test may be conducted if the driver displays general incoherence or slurred speech. A DUI arrest is not made solely on suspicion, some kind of test must prove it in order for charges to be made. If the operator of the vehicle does not demonstrate good motor skills or judgment, the police officer may ask permission from the driver to perform a blood alcohol content test.

DUI records are typically filed in the same area as all other types of misdemeanor records that you would find in your usual background search. Many people may find it difficult to find gainful employment at a number of different occupations if they have DUI records. No matter if you are interested in checking the background of a prospective employee or someone else for other your own reasons, it is important to know if someone has ever been convicted of a DUI in the past.

Who Searches DUI Records?

A DUI record is an obvious indication that there may be a substance abuse problem. For this reason, a number of employers are strongly affected by what they uncover in an employee background search. In addition, having a DUI record also means that the individual will not be an acceptable hire for any job that involves the operation of a motor vehicle.

You may have your own personal reasons for searching DUI records. Perhaps someone close to you is exhibiting behavior that indicates they may have a past that includes some type of substance abuse. Especially if the person about whom you are concerned will be behind the wheel when you, your children or any one of your loved ones may be in the vehicle. A quick search through DUI records will tell you if the individual has a problem with alcohol that you may not have been aware of previously. You can find out a lot about a person who has a DUI record.

It is very important that you know who in your circle has a DUI record, whether you are checking for your own personal reasons or if you are an employer looking to hire someone new. As a business owner, you are responsible for your employees. If an incident occurs, you may be placed in fault. The people who are the closet to you, such as bus drivers, doctors, teachers, may not be telling you everything you need to know. A DUI search will prove beneficial no matter your reasons for investigating.

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